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Clip ElectronicMunich Shanghai Electronics Show successfully held

addtime:2019-03-27 17:21:00


 Clip ElectronicMunich Shanghai Electronics Show successfully held。During the exhibition, the domestic and foreign customers who came to consult were in constant stream, and the samples were highly recognized by customers! As the general secretary said, the Glippo Group said, “It’s the real thing, and it’s the duty to do business.” For decades, in the field of connectors, the business has been continuously expanded, and the production process and product quality have been continuously optimized and improved. Hardware, plastics, electroplating, molds and other comprehensive efforts, with the most professional team, the most complete production process, won the support and trust of our customers.   

The chairman pointed out that at present, China's economy is moving towards a high-quality development stage, and private enterprises are also entering an important barrier to transformation and upgrading, especially for private manufacturing. To achieve high-quality development, we must go through the transformation and upgrading. This is Unavoidable. Transformation is the means, upgrading is the goal, transformation is not a change, but a deep cultivation of the main business. If you understand transformation as a change of business, what to do if you make money, there are many examples of failure. Both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises must firmly grasp the spur of science and technology innovation. In terms of technological innovation, if there is no such thing as a fresh trick, it will eventually fall behind and be eliminated, so we must adhere to technological innovation. Only by persisting in technological innovation can we catch up with the trend of the times and make new contributions in the new era.

The company's future development direction is clear, focusing on automotive connectors, high-end communication products and customers, high-end LCD customers, opportunities and challenges, taking on a new mission, embracing the new era, the hard work and wisdom of Gree people will bear fruit!



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